Who we are

Control Systems Depot

Control Systems Depot is the only Automation Marketplace. Dedicated to commercial and industrial automation. Here you will be able to buy and sell Electrical, Mechanical, and Pneumatic components that are new, used, and surplus. The Site also features large equipment and machinery. Anything you need to keep the plant up and running.

Changeover PRO

Changeover PRO is a line adjustment system for machinery. It was invented to take the time and cost associated with changeovers out of the manufacturing process. The line adjustment system allows the user to have multiple change over points that have repeatable position and accelerated time in accomplishing those positions.

Automation Business

Our other services include but are not limited to the following: buying and selling of automation equipment, part and component repair services, part and component find and procure services, part and component selling services for our customers, automation & web software development, and many more.

About Us

Keen Technical Solutions Corporation is a Cincinnati based automation and software company established in 2010.  Our experiences have encompassed a wide variety of items and technologies including the following: Rapid change over implementation for numerous packaging unit ops, production lines, custom inspection systems, test stand development, small scale rapid prototype electronics, small and large scale industrial control panels, and a host of other projects. Our mission has always been to dedicate ourselves to finding innovative solutions that meet or exceed our customers needs.   Everyday we strive to do just that.


People We Have Served